Duluth Business Right Coverage

Commercial Auto insurance is another product we provide to business owners with commercial vehicles.
Today we provided a solution to a customer that was paying $600.00+ dollars every 6 months with State Farm.  That policy included state minimum coverage of 25,000/50,000/25,000 and deductibles of 1,000.00 for collision and comprehensive.  
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Johns Creek Family Saved 2,400 a YEAR

What What?  2,400.00 yearly savings for a Johns Creek family?  That is right!  and it all started with a simple call to 678-648-7460.

Here are the facts!  The customer has been with Allstate for YEARS!!! They have had their kids grow up and leave the home BUT one 20+ year old remains.  … Read the rest

Sugar Hill Family Saves 650 plus a year!

Is $650.00 savings a year worth a phone call? Our recent new Sugar Hill customer was able to say YES!

The customer had Geico auto insurance and American Family for their home insurance.  Their current polices had coverage of 100,000/300,000 and auto insurance deductibles of $500.00 for both collision and comprehensive.    … Read the rest

Alpharetta Couple saved 600 plus a year


News Flash:  Alpharetta family just saved $600.00+ a  year by choosing Georgia Auto Insurance.com

We are here to help YOU the customer dodge the ever increasing cost of Home and Auto insurance!

An Alpharetta Georgia family just moved their insurance to America Insurance Brokers where we provided BETTER coverage, More Coverage, Broader Coverage- While still saving them over $600.00 a year on their insurance.  … Read the rest

Alpharetta-Johns Creek Single Mom Saves Hundreds

Single Parents are always looking for ways to save money!  Aren’t we all?

Having Gecko auto insurance and another homeowner policy for several years, no accidents, no tickets, great credit- This single mom helped her monthly expenses by just bundling with a carrier from Georgia Auto Insurance and America Insurance Brokers in Johns Creek.  … Read the rest

DUI Customer Saves Job with Georgia Auto Insurance.com

A professional adult that drives from “home to home” in their job walked into our office with a grim reality.  An insurance company canceled coverage with a 30 day notice due to a DUI.   If the employer were to find out the policy canceled, the job would be lost.Read the rest

28 year old Single Male Saved $1,000.00+- dollars

28 year old Single Male Saved $1,000.00+- a dollars on his Georgia Auto Insurance…

Is this YOU?!  You have an accident, you get a ticket… You may even have a few accidents and tickets.. (oops)  So you suck it up, take it as it comes, and just continue to pay your insurance as the rates increase!  … Read the rest